Trying to build to build cybersecurity skills? Start here and branch out.

The below pages are a curated resource to help develop your cybersecurity skills. Each skill will have a dedicated page covering the following (also the template I use for organizing these items):

  • Overview/Definition
  • Embedded YouTube Videos
  • Commercial Courses
  • Reccomended Books
  • Relevant Tools
  • Related Certifications
  • Indicator of Expertise (just a subjective and qualitative measure of what success “looks like”)

General Technical Knowledge

  • Security 101 (Coming Soon)
  • Networking 101 (Coming Soon)

Specific Commands/Syntax

  • Unix Commands (Coming Soon)
  • Cisco Commands (Coming Soon)
  • Windows Commands (Coming Soon)

Programming/Scripting Knowledge

  • Python (Coming Soon)

Incident Response Skills

Other Niches

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  1. thanks for the GCFE notes… how i found it was actually working late nite on my exam open notes tomorrow – when i was doing my last minute tables trying to look for a table that list out “Name Type 0x06 = Wired” …. wish could have saw yours earlier so I didn’t have to prepare mine on page 27…and then now I’m heading to bed! <3 (when yours got 23 pages) ..

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